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An Eye-Opening Experience for the Family

It’s easy to get the young travelers thrilled with the panoramic scenery galore during the sailing trip. This remote gateway does not only provide the best escape a parent can have; for the kids, every second in the sailing journey gives a brand new perspective of the world. They’ll learn how islands in Komodo and Raja Ampat are highly in contact with any other islands they know. They will have the rare chance to gaze at the constellation of the stars in the darkness of the night—something’s nearly impossible to do back in the city. The sailing trip exposes how nature works, and kids will have first-hand experience learning about this. One single sailing trip to Indonesia teaches more than what they get from the class.

A Pirate Life

It’s easy to imagine life as a pirate when sailing on a traditional wooden yacht, all with the deck, ropes, and the sound of wind in the sails. The children love it! Seafaring in the open seas lets their imagination run wild. Sailing from one island to another, seeing the wonder of nature, and being carefree invokes the life of a pirate that they only used to see on TV and in books!

Observing the Exotic Animals

It’s time to travel into the wild kingdom. From the prehistoric monstrous Komodo dragons living in the wild, hunting for their prey, or observing large bats fly from a coastal mangrove forest at dusk and watching the colorful birds of paradise, hornbills, wedge-tailed shearwater, and hundreds more in the jungle of Raja Ampat. Nature comes alive the wild looks in these frontiers.

Pump up their adventurous soul with a pair of binoculars! Binoculars are super fun, and it gives an instant vibe of being wildlife explorers. Let kids play the role. There’s no place like the Komodo National Park or Raja Ampat Papua to feel really into the adventure.

Vibrant Snorkeling Experience

It’s not easy to find the right snorkeling spot for kids that’s both easy and rewarding. Luckily eastern Indonesia is heavily packed with blooming coral reefs and a rich marine ecosystem on the seabed. Sites like Kanawa in Komodo or Yanbuba in Raja Ampat are great for kids! Just make sure to bring kids-sized snorkel gear and a life jacket, as you might not find them available in the boat.

Roll Them Up for Beginner Diving!

Kids with adventurous parents usually inherit the traits, and some even follow their parents’ underwater interests from a very young age, and if your kids enjoy scuba, cool! Ensure they have completed their open water diver junior to dive in beginner diving sites during the trip.

Family Picnic on A Deserted Beach

Imagine visiting a deserted beach, and it’s only your footprints in the soft sand. You will have dozens of pristine beaches during the Indonesia seafaring trip, and the kids are free to run wherever they like. Speak to the liveaboard team to organize a family picnic at one of the secluded beaches. They will thoughtfully tailor the picnic, complete with the beach chairs and a chef’s delight packed just for you and the little ones. Relax and unwind on the prepared beach mats, cushion, and umbrella to keep cool while keeping an eye on the children who play with the waves.

The real family adventure has just begun.



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