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Togean & Banggai Islands tour

Cradled between North and Central Sulawesi, the Togeans are a string of islands dotted with deserted beaches fringed with tall coconut palm welcoming travelers to discover its many wonders.

Visit the island of Papan to meet the formally nomadic Bajau Tribe, also known as ‘Sea Gypsies.’ Reliant on the sea, their commune with the water is visible everywhere, from the boats carrying the fishermen to sea, the homes built on stilts, and the jetty that juts off the island connecting to neighboring Melange.

Togean & Bangai – 10 days itinerary

Togean & Bangai – 8 days itinerary

Why Travel Togean & Banggai Islands

For those seeking to get their heart pumping, a trek to the crater of the Una Una is for you. Enjoy a full-day adventure through towering palm trees, past a cooling waterfall, with the final push to the crater to view mother nature at work.

Water enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the Togean sailing trip. From lively coral reefs that surround the islands, a B-24 bomber wreck, and a once in a lifetime experience of swimming in a lake of stingless jellyfish in Mariona Lake.

Just south of Central Sulawesi lie the Banggai Islands, a perfect complement to a visit to the Togeans Islands. Spend the afternoon strolling through a traditional market discovering new foods, or a stop at the Sultan’s Palace. Take to the water to enjoy a snorkel at the shallow reefs that surround the islands, keeping an eye out for the Bangaii Cardinalfish that are found only in this part of the world.

When Travel Togean & Bangai Islands

The Togean and Bangai Islands have a tropical climate and two distinct seasons. The dry season and the best time to have a Togean trip is April through October. The seas are calm, and the days are bright and sunny, perfect weather to explore the islands and enjoy the underwater playground.
The rainy season spans from November to March.

How to get to Togean & Banggai Islands

Our Togean liveaboard cruises around the Togean and Banggai islands in south Sulawesi depart and return from the cities of Luwuk and Gorontalo. Jakarta is connected by a daily direct flight to the city of Gorontalo while you will need to do a stopover in Makassar airport to reach the airport of Luwuk. From/to Bali you will have to reach first Makassar before heading to Luwuk or Gorontalo with a daily flight.

From / to Gorontalo : Jakarta (CGK)-> Gorontalo (GTO)OrBali (DPS)-> Makassar (UPG)-> Gorontalo (GTO)

From / to Luwuk : Jakarta (CGK)-> Makassar-> Luwuk (LUW)OrBali-> Makassar (UPG)-> Luwuk (LUW)

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