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Exotic Honeymoon in Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands dotted with white secluded beaches of the Kei Islands, Komodo Island and its famous dragons and an unrivaled underwater world of Wakatobi, make the Indonesian archipelago an ideal exotic honeymoon locale. Nothing compares to allure and romance of an exotic honeymoon in Indonesia.
Imagine waking up to a new island every day, each one more exotic than the next. A cruise is the perfect combination of barefoot luxury, personalized service, seclusion, and an array of activities.

The Kei Islands are home to unforgettable experiences and some of the best beaches in the world. Two of the must experience beaches are Ngurbloat and Ngurtafur. Their powdery white and breathtaking aquamarine water are perfect for a secluded picnic lunch and snorkel.
For a more active experience, trek to Hawang Caves to swim in the crystal clear warm water.

Wakatobi is a water enthusiast’s dream! Snorkel and dive the vast, colorful reefs teeming with fish, kayak through the Sombano angrove forest for views of the endemic birds and animals, and a chance to meet the local Bajo Tribe, once known as sea gypsies, to learn of their nomadic lifestyle.

For those with limited time, a short cruise around Komodo combines nicely with a romantic stay on Bali. Experience unique pink beaches,  trek to the multi-colored lakes of the Kelimutu volcano, and of course, visit the famous Komodo Dragons, the largest lizard on earth.

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