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Bali, a paradise on Earth

The adventure begins in Bali, where beautiful options await. The activity options are endless, surfing, trekking, beach clubs, culture, etc. Moving south, we discover Lombok and the Nusa Islands, consisting of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and the smallest Ceningan. Islands where you can connect with nature, dive with majestic sea life, and connect with locals over food and a cold beer. It is the spirit of Indonesia at it’s finest.

Bali, Nusa & Gili islands in 7 days

Why Travel Bali, Nusa islands and Lombok

Diving from a liveaboard from Bali will conveniently transport you to the islands while removing the mundane hassles of travel. Wake up in Nusa Penida for a morning dive Manta Point and being able to jump in the water without the crowds. Later trek to Kelingking beach to enjoy the vista and relax on the beach. Or sail to the Belongas Bay to view hammerhead sharks and graceful eagle rays followed by exploring the island Lombok. The melding of convenience, a schedule on your time with exotic lands, is the true meaning of luxury.


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