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Wakatobi tour that will take you to neverland

Covering 1.4 hectares, Wakatobi is a Unesco World Heritage site, the third-largest marine park within Indonesia, and the acronym for the four islands of the archipelago, Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. The reefs surrounding the islands make up the most significant barrier reef in Indonesia and the second-largest reef in the world, behind Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The waters of Wakatobi are known to have the highest coral reef diversity in the world, earning it a spot on every scuba diver’s bucket list. Given its remote location and multitude of scuba dive sites, the best way to check-off that list is on a Wakatobi liveaboard dive cruise.

Wakatobi – 9 days itinerary

Why Travel Wakatobi

A Wakatobi dive trip will undoubtedly be a magnificent experience. While the dazzling waters are what attract travelers, exploring the natural beauty of the islands and its rich culture is what completes the trip. The islands of Wangi Wangi and Kaledupa are home to Bajau people. A once nomadic seafaring people who have migrated to the coastal shores of Indonesia. You can also reach a number of surrounding islands that are equally charming with Wakatobi liveaboard.

Binongko island is home to Turtle Point, where due to its protected status and conservation efforts, the turtle population is on the rise. Visit the Flying Foxes on Topa Mata island, where hundreds of giant bats take to the sky at dusk flying around searching for food. During the day, they can be viewed hanging around in trees and sleeping in the shade.

Hoga Island, located off a short sail from Kaledupa, has a brilliant white sand beach making it the perfect place to relax. If you prefer to dive Hoga Island, there are many excellent sites available for all levels.

When Travel Wakatobi

Located close to the equator, Wakatobi is a tropical climate. Generally speaking, the best time to visit the island is from March to December with April, May, and September, October being the busiest travel periods. While the cruises do sail throughout the peak season, the preferred time to charter a Wakatobi liveaboard is March and April and then again in mid-September to mid-December. The winds are low, the seas are calm, and the visibility is excellent. Embarking a diving Wakatobi liveaboard trip in this season will be a pleasant experience.

Traveling on a liveaboard diving cruise through Wakatobi offers guests the luxury of tailoring the itinerary to your preferences and making it the perfect barefoot vacation.

How to get to Wakatobi

Wangi Wangi airport on Wakatobi Archipelago is only accessible by a daily afternoon flight from Kendari, South Sulawesi. You will have to reach Kendari either from Bali with a stop in Makassar or Jakarta with a direct flight to Kendari.

Jakarta (CGK)–>Kendari (KDI)–> Wangi Wangi (WNI)OrBali (DPS)-> Makassar (UPG)-> Kendari (KDI)-> Wangi Wangi (WNI)

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