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Alor & East Flores tour

East Flores is a land of many delights home to natural wonders found nowhere else on earth. Authentic villages welcome visitors to have a glimpse into their lives and happily show traditions that have been passed along through generations. 

Nestled in the Coral Triangle, the islands Alor and Flores are part of the Coral Triangle. Known for its biodiverse and plentiful marine life, the seas off Alor and Flores are a kaleidoscope of marine life. It’s easy to love an Alor liveaboard trip to this marvellous destination. Alor is a home to many endemic species of fish; its waters have many incredible dive sites, fantastic drift dives, muck dives, and abundant macro marine life.

Alor & East Flores in 7 days

Why Travel in Alor & East Flores

A liveaboard trip through Alor and East Flores and the surrounding islands make exploring this area a breeze all from the comfort of your floating home. Trek, the active Kelimutu Volcano, to view 3 multi-colored lakes of various hues of blue, green, and brown. 

Dive the spectacular Watu Balu for its mind-blowing color and terraced coral gardens. Known for its current and strong surges, this one is for advanced divers. Sail past the active volcano Kombo Island to watch mother nature’s firework display. Visit the Aboi Hill Tribe, once known for headhunting, they now proudly share their culture through dance. Alor sailing trip would never leave anyone disappointed.

When Travel to Alor & East Flores

The peak time to visit Alor and East Flores is during the dry season, May through October.  The days are sunny and bright with a rare light shower. 

The Alor and East Flores dive season is March through  December when the waters are calm, and visibility is at its best.

How to get to Alor & East Flores

Cruises around the eastern part of Flores and Alor or often departing / returning from thecity of Maumere or Alor. The easiest way to reach both cities is from Bali with direct flightsdeparting everyday to Maumere and and 3 flights per week to Alor.

To / from Maumere: Bali (DPS)-> Maumere (MOF) To / from Alor: Bali (DPS)-> Alor (ARD)

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