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Traveling to Raja Ampat & Papua

Raja Ampat National Park is an expansive network of islands, with the four main islands being Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. The vast waters of Raja Ampat are known to have one of the highest concentrations of marine biodiversity in the world. It’s a stunning masterpiece of vibrant corals and a wide array of sea life. For some, however, the underwater world pales in comparison to the bounty available on land, a birdwatchers paradise, and exotic culture.

Traveling to Raja Ampat is a journey unto itself, but it is well worth it!

Raja Ampat & Papua in 7 days

Raja Ampat & Papua in 12 days

Raja Ampat & Papua in 14 days

Why Travel Raja Ampat & Papua

With over 1500 islands in the archipelago, it’s underwater is like no other and Raja Ampat diving delivers the ultimate dive experiences. From the vibrant biodiverse reefs to WWII wrecks to swimming alongside whale sharks and mantas, Raja Ampat diving is definitely a top-notch and some would say the best in the world.

The forests and mangroves are a haven for many rare birds species. Probably the most iconic is the Birds of Paradise known for its striking plumage and charming mating dance. Found only in this part of the world, viewing the Birds of Paradise in their natural habitat is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

A visit to the Asmat tribe is like taking a journey back in time. Once known for their infamous headlines, they’ve since abandoned those ways and are now masters woodcarvers and best known for their primitive art.

When Travel to Raja Ampat & Papua

The best time to sail the waters of Raja Ampat in luxury liveaboard is generally between October to April when the winds are low, and the seas are calm. The months of May to September bring heavy rains and rough seas, not the ideal cruise experience. During this period, most liveaboard dive boats in Raja Ampat will reposition to calmer waters.

While Indonesia is a tropical climate with bright sunny days and sporadic showers, there are microclimates within Raja Ampat, and the weather can differ from island to island. While one island is a glorious sunny day, another island could be overcast with light rain.

How to get to Raja Ampat & Papua

You will access the fabulous Raja Ampat islands through the town of Sorong where your boat ill await you. To reach Sorong you have the possibility to fly from Bali or Jakarta. Jakarta has multiple direct flights every day. From Bali, you will have to reach first Makassar for a short stopover.

Jakarta (CGK)-> Sorong (SOQ)OrBali (DPS)-> Makassar (UPG)-> Sorong (SOQ)

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