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The mystical hidden paradise of Komodo National Park and surrounding islands will enthrall travelers with its wild adventure.

Located in a remote area of West Papua lies Raja Ampat, translated to The Four Kings, it is truly one the jewels in Indonesia’s crown.

A paradise like no other, Wakatobi National Park holds an abundance of adventure, culture, and breathtaking underwater beauty.

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With over 17 000 islands, the Indonesia Archipeligo is a mystical country, rich in history, legend, and extraordinary beauty. Far-flung and sprawled out over the equator, reaching the remote islands from the comfort of a luxury liveaboard Indonesia is an idyllic destination for adventure seekers who wish to stand on untouched shores and charter new paths. While the land offers an array of unique sights, some would say vast waters hold the real treasure as it is home to the world’s most biodiverse marine life.

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