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Bandas tour that will take you to neverland

The Banda Islands, or Spice Islands, started a chain of events that changed the world. History reminds us of a time when nutmeg was worth more than its weight in gold, which resulted in the Dutch trading the Run Island for what is currently New York City.

The central islands of Banda Besar, Hatta, and Banda Neira, offer a unique opportunity to discover the unexpected. Remnants of the Spice Trade are peppered throughout the islands, taking you back in time to a far off treasured land. The underwater landscape is equally impressive. The islands are far removed from the tourist radar, leaving the reefs and ecosystems pristine and healthy.

Bandas – 8 days itinerary

Bandas – 10 days itinerary

Why Travel to Bandas

A liveaboard to the Banda Islands allows divers to discover rarely explored areas, remote reefs, and wreck dives. Surrounded by healthy reefs, divers witness vibrant schools of reef fish and the coral gardens bursting with color.

A trip to Banda Besar and Banda Neira Islands will engage your senses with its many sights. Take a stroll through once-formidable forts, ancient nutmeg plantations, and fragrant markets drying the spices in the sun.

Impressive Gunung Api, an active volcano, majestically rises from the water its summit calling to those who are up for the challenge. The steep jungle trek takes you to a breathtaking and expansive view of the surrounding islands.

When Travel to Bandas

The best time to start a smooth Banda sail is in April and May and then again September to December. These peak travel months or dry season receive less rain, and the winds are low, assisting with to calm seas.

The months of September to December have increased water visibility between 15 – 30 meters and warmer waters, making for ideal diving throughout the islands.

How to get to Bandas

The main gate of entry to the Banda sea islands is Ambon. Most of Banda sea liveaboard cruises will either depart or finish in the city of Ambon or Saumlaki. The easiest way to reach Ambon is from Jakarta with daily direct flights or Bali with 3 direct flights per week. In order to reach the city of Saumlaki, you will have to do a stopover in Ambon.

To Ambon:Bali (DPS)-> Ambon (AMQ) Or Jakarta (CGK)-> Ambon (AMQ)

To / From Saumlaki: Bali (DPS)-> Ambon (AMQ)-> Saumlaki (SXK) Or Jakarta (CGK)-> Ambon(AMQ)-> Saumlaki (SXK)

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