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While other companies offer alternate destinations and countries, the team at Hello Indo focus solely on the country that has won our hearts and where we call home, Indonesia is our specialty. Hello Indo takes a refreshing approach when navigating the maze of options by providing unbiased reviews and honest feedback. We will also recommend the best islands to visit, the best offers and value, and suggest in-country experiences to elevate your journey. Our network and our skills make the difference.

Our extensive network of talented individuals is integral to our success. It consists of well-traveled explorers passionate about Indonesia’s culture, anthropologists, experienced cruise directors, scientists, divemasters, and many more. This team of experts provides a solid foundation on which you can customize your trip and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We share with you our knowledge of the country, our relationships with the boats, and the best offers of the moment. Benefiting from our services and recommendations remains entirely free for you, and the rates are identical to what you’ll find by going direct to the owner. Our remuneration comes only from the services we recommend to you. This means you are entirely free to choose what is best for you while benefiting from our services to create your personal adventure in Indonesia.

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