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Komodo National Park tour that will take you to neverland

Located in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Komodo National Park includes the three main islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Padar and over 20 smaller islands. Initially founded in 1980 to protect its remarkable inhabitant, the Komodo dragon, the National Park has since been extended the protection to include additional terrestrial inhabits on the islands and the biodiverse marine life.

The neighboring island of Flores is where the journey begins; the gateway to Komodo and the embarkation point for Komodo liveaboard and charter cruises. Surrounded by the smaller islands that best accessed by sea, the Seraya, Kalong, and 17 Islands Marine Park offers guests access to secluded waters ideal for Komodo scuba diving, snorkeling, and beach leisures.

Komodo – 4 days itinerary

Komodo – 5 days itinerary

Komodo – 6 days itinerary

Why Travel Komodo National Park

Walking amongst Komodo dragons is undoubtedly the highlight of Komodo liveaboard sailing. Endemic to these islands and without natural predators, the Komodo lizard dominates the eco-system. Growing up to 2-3 meters in length, their size, and venomous bite make them excellent hunters of deer and buffalo.

A trip to Komodo would not be complete without a trek on Padar Island. Surrounded by natura beauty and green mountain, trekkers are rewarded with a surreal landscape and views of its three multi-colored beaches, a brilliant white, pale pink, and a charcoal grey.

When Travel Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park and the surrounding islands welcome travelers year-round with the best months being April through December, the dry season. The days have bright blue skies and a gentle breeze, the ideal weather for exploring the islands and marine landscape.

Historically, the rainy season or green season begins in December and ends in March, bringing a varied rainfall from a light shower to monsoon downpours. December and March are the transition months, and the weather is a combination of cooler sunny days spattered with rain showers.

How to get to Komodo National Park

You have the possibility to fly to Komodo National Park with 7 daily direct flights connecting Labuan Bajo Airport(LBJ), Flores island to Denpasar, Bali(DPS)in 1h30and 2 daily direct flights to Jakarta (in 2h30).

Jakarta (CGK)->Labuan Bajo(LBJ) Or Bali (DPS)->Labuan Bajo(LBJ)

What Travelers say

It was the best vacation of my life. We were in Flores and Komodo with Hello Indo for a sailing excursion around the Komodo National Park. I never imagine what is there. Caring people, beautiful boat, perfect cooling, perfect crew, perfect guide. The best vacation of my life!

Camilla P.

Thanks to Hello Indo for providing the best experience to discover the Komodo islands. Me and my friends had an amazing trip there!

Agathe Michel-Pangot

It was awesome. I went to Flores on December last year with Hello Indo, 3 days 2 nights with some friends. Padar Island and Gili Lawa Darat, they are really different, the view is awesome. My favorite moment was when we chased the sunrise at Gili Lawa Darat.


The water is a magic blue colour that I will never forget… Snorkelling is simply magic… I have never seen so many different species and variety of fishes and coral. My favourite moment was sunset up on Padar Island… I felt like I was in some kind of dream and I didn’t want to want to wake up… Just stunning.


My favorite place in Land was definitely Kelimutu. We ve been dreaming about it for such a long time and finally make it there was a truly wonderful feeling. Accomplishment, joy, disappointment cause it was so foggy than we couldn’t even see the lakes but suddenly like a fairytale the wind blew everything away to reveal the true heart of Flores island. This was also one of my favorite moment. However my favorite moment in Flores was from the top of Mt Inerie the highest volcano in Flores.


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