With its formidable presence and prehistoric features, the Komodo dragon certainly commands attention from everyone who encounters them.

Kayak, Coastlines and Azure Seas Explore the Remote Islands of Indonesia. Take to the water to explore the Indonesian archipelago by kayak.

Vast waters are home to the most diverse marine on the planet, making it a wonderland for water-enthusiasts. Its underwater world offers up a colorful display of corals, schools of fish.

Experience & Explore Indonesia

Set sail to explore the exotic wonders of Indonesia. Its expansive waters invite travelers to have a glimpse at a fascinating world few have witnessed. To fully experience the multi-faceted treasures of Indonesia, guests can trek towering peaks and walk amongst the dragons of Komodo Island. Or, step upon far-flung islands to uncover the secrets of legendary tribes and gypsies that once roamed the sea. The water awaits surfers to ride waves and kayak along sunkissed shores or dive to the depths amongst an explosion of color.

Indonesia is a country of wonder and natural beauty, where barefoot adventure and exploration offer guests a wide array of extraordinary experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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