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Some of the most spectacular snorkeling sights are located in and around Komodo National Park, “Manta Point,” a sanctuary for Manta Rays is where you can snorkel alongside these majestic creatures as they glide through the water. Another favorite snorkel spot is Siaba Besar, known for its colorful shallow reef and mild currents, making it an ideal snorkel spot for families. Wakatobi National Park is known to have some of the most pristine waters in Indonesia. The house reef, located off of the Wakatobi resort, is an exquisite display of cascading coral gardens, fans, and thousands of small marine fish. 

For those cruising through Bali and the surrounding islands, Nusa Penida has a “Manta Point” where guests can swim with the rays and if we are lucky, a giant Mola Mola. The neighboring island of Lombok has a unique pink sand beach where guests can snorkel over a vibrant offshore reef.  Indonesia’s islands hold a wealth of exquisite underwater wonders and breathtaking encounters. No matter what islands you choose to visit, the snorkeling will not disappoint. 

What Travelers say

Everywhere around you go is beautiful and so special… The water is a magic blue colour that I will never forget… Snorkelling is simply magic… I have never seen so many different species and variety of fishes and coral. My favourite moment was sunset up on Padar Island… I felt like I was in some kind of dream and I didn’t want to want to wake up… Just stunning.


Amazing trip!! I am very happy to share my feedback about Hello Indo services and recommendations. My boyfriend and I had a very nice experience booking our sailing journey with them. They have selected for us the best liveaboard and experiences aboard for our romantic holidays. The organization of the trip went smoothly and their expert of the area, Charles, was very attentive to our needs and gave us the best advice and offer. (…)

Mary S.

The program was impeccable, the sea life breathtaking and the paradisiac landscapes. The crew was impeccable and very friendly: destinations, activities, meals etc … everything was perfect! I highly recommend the destination and Hello Indo who have put together a dream vacation.


Unforgettable experience, the activities prepared according to our desires: we discovered magnificent places, we had the chance to swim with manta rays, went kayaking in Gili Makassar, small sunset above Padar Island … incredible! A big thank you to the team of Hello Indo for making this stay so unique, we felt really privileged. I recommend a cruise with Hello if you really want to experience something out of the ordinary !!


The scenery and the advice provided by Hello Indo were extraordinary. Swim with manta rays and turtles, snorkel around the best coral sites, observe amazing fish and corals or see foxes flying out of the woods against a magnificent sunset background as you climb mountains fascinating sunrise landscapes(…). Overall a superb experience, couldn’t recommend it more.


Flawless. It was the most incredible vacation experience. 12 friends had fun. The crew was fantastic. Unforgettable.

Peter B.

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