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Anambas island tour that will take you to neverland

The Anambas Island and surrounding little islands are breathtaking and beautiful, their lush green peaks rising from the ocean surrounded by snowy white sand and fringed with palm trees. At low tide, the land rises from the water creating an inland sea so clear you can see the coral gardens below. 

The pristine waters hold a bevy of treasures. From brightly colored hard coral gardens teeming with marine life to wrecks, there are unlimited options for snorkeling and diving in Anambas.

Anambas – 8 days itinerary

Why Travel to Anambas Islands

Discovering this small group of islands is best done by boat. An Anambas sailing trip or liveaboard allows access to the remote islands from the comfort of a luxury ship. The underwater landscape of Bawah Reserve is a marine conservation dive area with healthy reefs surrounded by a kaleidoscope of marine life. 

Remote Pencil Dot Island, a small uninhabited island named for its size on the map, it is the perfect place to relax.  Dive the Igara wreck to explore the remnants of the ship. Schools of Barracuda and Snapper are often seen here along with a few resident Nurse Sharks. 

When Travel to Anambas Islands

The ideal time to explore the islands is between April through September when the rains and wind have died down, and the seas are calm. 

Diving in Anambas Islands follows a similar season, April through September / October. 

The one highlight for water enthusiasts around the world occurs toward the end of the season. Most whale sharks migrate through the world in search of food, and historically, the gentle giants pass through in September and October. If luck is on your side, you will have the chance to get up close to these majestic whale sharks. 

How to get to Anambas Archipelago

Your journey to the Anambas island will start from the city Nongsa in Batam regency. The easiest way to reach Batam is from Singapore with a 45 minutes ferry ride. There, your boat will await you to begin the adventure to the Indonesian Seychelles islands!

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